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If everyone who can do it, only did it properly

There is a proper way and your way. Everybody forgets to signal every once and awhile. Some people just never do it, what the F'is up your ass, huh. The rest of us need to know when and where you plan to turn; it helps us avoid you. None of us want to run in to your ass. Most all complain about insurance rates. How about those people that can't make a proper lane change. People who do it always do it. Often forcing people who wouldn't to have to. First availible lane people, C'mon. With a good reason there is an execption to every rule, but you my friend are not the execption. I call you my friend because we share the road; it is as much yours as it is mine. To the highway, if you can't do at least the speed limit stay off of it. The fast lane is for passing. There is a fifteen mile limit to the fast lane. Did you remember that? I feel that there should be an old rule reinstated under resonable control. If you're not swerving and the car is not shaking apart, you should be able to go up to a hundred. With improvements on cars, like anti-lock brakes, you can slow down very fast without skiding or shifting. If we had this as a law, people would have to think more when they decided to pass, doing things like looking twice before they got over. You don't pass up hills. There should have to be a separate test to be able to drive on the highways and interstates. Not a high extra fee mind you, but if an extra dollar or to from each of us helped keep the roads better maintenanced I think it would be a good investment. It would help on things like alignments, shocks and struts. I think that at night on a nice flat road there should be a single car owns the road law. You can see tail lights for a couple of miles on good flat road. You could approach slowing to a safe passing speed then resume being the only car on the road. Well just a few thoughts and more will come along with what I think some problems are that could possibly arise from said changes. Follow the rules and be safe. I am not saying buckle up but you have plenty of reasons to. As I too have reasons not to, they might not be great but they are good enough for me. Maybe I'll share them with you someday.

Don't drink and drive. You might spill your beer on your lap when some a*hole cuts you off. I am kidding lighten up. Get someone else to drive or don't drink or buy enough beer you don't have to run to the store ten times or take a cab to the bar; taxi drivers have to eat too.