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The deal

The deal
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It had been along time since I had believed.

One cold night I was playing with my new creation. When up on the roof top arose such a clatter, So I sprang from my lab to see what was the matter. From my yard I could see the sliegh. Alas, I have no chimney so I got the man a ladder. He slid down like a fireman, with easy.

We had a quick exange of words. Wow, how the heck are you blah blah blah. We went inside after I picked up my jaw. He was amazed with what he saw, He said "if I could make them he would buy them all". I said "it would be tough, I could use some help". He offered me an office at the north pole and disposal of his elves. I let him know I couldn't handle a single climate and I didn't care for disposing of elves. Sure if you can get them to run they are fun to shoot but soon they start to hide and the hunt grows wiery. You can put them in trash bags but their pointy ears only aid their escape. An incenorator does the job quick but their shriels are nerve bending. He raised an eyebrow and hoed as if amused. Then replied "I understand where you are coming from... I've been watching you a long time, I know your odd". "I am as at home in the north as you are here".

a long negotiation later he cut me a check.

So can't see, now do you belive Santa is real. You should I gave you the deal.