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Bad News

So I am about to take the money and run, I hope this doesn't ruin your fun. Sorry boys and girls but if you want my wonder toy. You'll have to buy one off of the shelf. Now I can afford to mass market them and I belive they will sell. I don't think Santa will sue. Even if he does he didn't make me sign on any line. With the money I could afford Johnny anyway. It's his fault he knew that I don't play, I only look out for me and plan to be rich one day. Santa will just have to treat me like all the other bad boys and girls. I'm gettin nuthin for Xmas. I doubt he'll even waste a piece of coal.


Just after reading my site. In the North Pole there broke out a fight. The elves revolted, angery at Santa's outsourcing and recent money market accounts. Santa, Mrs. Clause and eight reindeer were crusified. Evidently the elves have been ploting for awhile, talking of Santa only being in it for the money and not the spirit of the season or the joy of the children. You ask how I found out. Rudolph was the only to escape, he search me out saying I was the final straw and that I had ruined it for you all. unfortunatly he was intoxicated, as he was flying around my yard yelling at me he flew into my house with only the ground to break his fall. Now I have a deer on my wall. His nose still flashes. What I didn't eat is now ashes. His last words were the elves are coming, coming for you. That gives me an idea put a stuff elve on you're Xmas list right under my wonder toy. Well there was a Santa anyway.

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!